Thursday, February 16, 2006

eternal sunshie

just watched eternal sunshine,

memory is such a big concept.   it's almost as big a concept as time.
what's the relationship between memory and time?
there are probably many relationships or associations between memory and time.

What are the properties of memories? 
Let's see:

Some memories are good, some are bad.  No that's not right.  Memories must be neither good nor bad, the memories themselves are neutral.  We refer to them as good or bad but what we really mean is that the event, or segment of time the memory covers, is good or bad.  And probably the experience of recalling the memory results in an undesireable feeling.

what's the relationship between memory and habit.  How does memory influence habit?  Seems that habits aren't dependent on memory.  If I could erase my memory of a bad habit I have, will I remove that habit?  I doubt it.


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